Entech group became Member of Engineering Association

Entech group became Member of Engineering Association

LINPRA – an association representing Lithuanian engineering industry companies.


Association’s aim is to improve business environment and competitiveness of companies in the engineering industry – empower them acting efficiently and sell more.

As an independent business association represents metal products, machinery and equipment, electromechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber industry companies’ interests on international and national level.

Their goal is to increase business competitiveness and internationalisation, improve export of products and services, increase synergy between scientists and engineers activity. We take part in improving quality of Vocational education and training in Lithuania.

They encourage companies to take advantage of the new Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0”, ensure the most effective use of new technologies, take into account the opportunities offered by digitalization and keep up with other EU Member States.

Link: https://linpra.lt/en/