We are proud to announce that we are one of the best and most stable companies operating in Lithuania in 2017. We look forward to meeting the expectations of customers and employees in the coming years as well.


Link about awards:

TOP COMPANIES 2017 are businesses that trusts and recommends according to the available data. Only companies matching pre-determined criteria receive this rating.

  • After receiving this rating, you will gain more external trust in your activities;
  • You will become a more attractive employer for capable employees;
  • You will build up the company’s financial reputation in the eyes of all relevant target audiences;
  • You will demonstrate the stability of your business;
  • You will increase confidence in your company and it will be easier to attract new markets in Lithuania and abroad;
  • You will confirm that you are capable of fulfilling your financial obligations towards clients and potential partners;
  • You will present your company to clients, employees, investors, public authorities, banks and other society representatives appropriately;
  • By developing your business, you will represent transparent business, competitiveness as well as responsibility and respect for your business environment, laws, and moral principles.

By choosing these promising companies, partners and clients can expect successful and long-term cooperation.

Selection criteria: Companies that were founded two or more years ago and submit financial reports on time, companies whose turnover (income) did not noticeably decrease over the last two years, companies where the number of employees has been stable or increased, companies that have not been included in the lists of debtors of various registers and did not owe any significant or long-term debts to Sodra. The average salary paid to employees, which exceeded EUR 500 during the first half of 2017, is taken into account as well.